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PolyBrite International Announces the Incorporation of Its PolyBrite™ Technology into VanTech/Safetyline’s Safety Products


Naperville, IL, September 24, 2001 – PolyBrite International, a manufacturer of illuminated safetyware, today announced the incorporation of its PolyBrite™ technology into VanTech/Safetyline’s selection of high-visibility products.


PolyBrite™ is a proprietary polymer technology that has been developed using a patented polymer optical illumination.  This unique technology disperses light through a flexible lens illuminated by light emitting diodes (LEDs).  The polymer/LED combination allows light to radiate and scatter throughout the lens.  In addition to being extremely rugged, LEDs use very little energy, are much cooler than conventional lighting, and can provide an effective light that exceeds 100,000 hours.


Along with its standard retro-reflective line of safety items, VanTech/Safetyline will also offer a popular safety vest with an option of being self-illuminated as well as retro-reflective.  These items will contain a combination of PolyBrite International’s patented PolyBrite™ technology and VanTech/Safetyline’s high quality retro-reflective striping.  This arrangement improves safety by providing users with the best of both worlds—illumination and reflectivity.  The retro-reflective properties allow the user to be seen in bright light situations, while PolyBrite™ technology provides up to one-mile visibility in low light and no light situations.  Running on 2 AA batteries, PolyBrite™ technology has the ability to provide safety illumination for up to 400 hours.


“The retro-reflective products we are currently using work great when you have a light source and the person or persons that need to see the retro-reflective are close to that source.  PolyBrite International’s technology will provide the necessary high-visibility when the vest or jacket needs to be seen in a low light or no light situation, or the angle between the user and the viewer is too great for the retro-reflective to work properly,” said Jim Caviglia, President of VanTech Engineering, manufacturers of Safetyline® High-Visibility products.  You can learn more about these products and the entire VanTech/Safetyline product line by visiting their Website at or calling 1-800-872-3359.


PolyBrite International is located in Naperville, Illinois.  The company provides top quality, highly visible products that aid in saving lives.  PolyBrite International’s safety products can be purchased from numerous distributors worldwide.  For the locations of these distributors, visit PolyBrite International’s Website at or call (800) 320-4052 x 102.