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Lighting Technology Company Changes Name to PolyBrite International


Naperville, IL, October 1, 2001 - Illumination Polymer Technologies, Inc. (IPT), a manufacturer of illuminated safetywear and a variety of LED lighting applications, today announced its new name: PolyBrite International.


Along with the name change, PolyBrite International has also implemented a new corporate logo, as well as new packaging and point-of-purchase displays for its recreational line of products.  “This is a very exciting time for our company,” said Carl Scianna, President of PolyBrite International.  “The PolyBrite name change and new image absolutely embody the mission of this company, which is to provide a top quality, highly visible, innovative LED technology for numerous safety and lighting applications.”


PolyBrite International has developed attractive packaging and P.O.P. displays that demonstrate the lighted/blinking features of its products.  “With brighter colors and a new ‘mascot’ on our pet product packaging and displays, you can’t miss our stuff,” said Bryan Snyder, Executive Vice President.  “When consumers walk by the display, they will see a light blinking and hear a dog bark.  The pet point-of-purchase display was developed to grab consumers’ attention and give them a better understanding of how our products work.”  The new pet product packaging and P.O.P. displays will make their debut at PETsMART stores nationwide.


PolyBrite International has come a long way since its doors opened in 1995.  “Initially, we were focused on lighted safety products for military, industrial, sport and pet industries,” said Mr. Snyder.  “But as our technology has evolved, we are developing new applications for other markets too.  Our new name and marketing program give us more flexibility to take advantage of these opportunities.”  PolyBrite International anticipates that with the name change and fresh look for the company, consumers will be better able to identify and recall the name PolyBrite.  Not only is the company named PolyBrite International, but the technology included in all products developed by the company is called PolyBrite. 


PolyBrite technology is integrated in numerous lighting applications from safetywear for people and pets to flicker candles for Noma and signage for Armani in Italy.  This exclusive technology disperses light through a flexible or rigid polymer using LEDs.  PolyBrite technology can be molded or extruded into a variety of shapes to create a soft, even flow of light while reducing LED hot spots.  LED’s run cooler, last longer, and require less energy to operate than regular incandescent bulbs.  As a result, LED lighting applications can be battery powered or hardwired into a system. Specific applications include safety products, general decorative indoor and outdoor uses, soft and smooth LED lighting effects, LED marking systems, back lighting, and signage for energy efficient lighting.


PolyBrite International is located in Naperville, Illinois, and their safety products can be purchased through numerous distributors and retail stores worldwide.  For the locations of these distributors and retail stores, or to learn about some of the latest applications of PolyBrite technology, visit PolyBrite International’s Website at or call (800) 320-3801.