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Chicago Based Company Donates Equipment for New York Rescue Workers

Naperville, IL, September 14, 2001--Chicago based firm PolyBrite International, a manufacturer of illuminated safety vests and member of the Goeken Group Companies, today announced the donation of it’s high-tech illuminated safety vests to rescue workers at the World Trade Center in New York.


PolyBrite International’s illuminated high-tech safety vests are extremely visible at night and in smoky or dusty conditions. “If smoke and dust or debris in the rescue areas are hindering the visibility of rescue workers, our vests will help by keeping the rescue workers highly visible. PolyBrite vests are UL approved, and are specially manufactured to be spark resistant and operate in dangerous conditions and environments. We are not looking for anything by this donation other than offering our help as Americans,” said Carl Scianna, President of PolyBrite International.


PolyBrite is scheduled to send the vests today to a New York Emergency Medical Service rescue official for distribution to EMS staff working in the disaster areas. “It is the responsibility of all Americans to do whatever they can to help during this tragedy,” said Mr. Scianna.  “We are specifically sending the vests to Emergency Medical Service rescue workers identifying them as ‘EMT’ and ‘Paramedic’ on each of the vests.  If we can help to ensure the rescue worker’s personal safety and visibility during rescue operations, we have done our part as Americans.”  Lighted safety vests and other PolyBrite safety products were sent to search and rescue workers at the Pentagon yesterday. 


Joe DeCarlo, PolyBrite’s VP for Military and Industrial Sales said,  “If each company in America does something to donate to the cause, the rescue and relief operations will be safer and smoother. Various branches of the military have already tested and approved these products for non-combat applications. Our safety products are specifically designed for rescue workers functioning in high-risk conditions like those in the New York World Trade Center and Pentagon sites.”


PolyBrite International is located in Naperville, Illinois.  The company provides top quality, highly visible products that aid in saving lives.  PolyBrite International is proud to support all of those who are making efforts to rescue our fellow Americans after this terrible tragedy.  Our hearts go out to all the friends and families who lost loved ones during this time.  PolyBrite products can be purchased from numerous distributors worldwide.  For the locations of these distributors, visit PolyBrite International’s Website at or call 1-800-320-3801.