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PolyBrite International Announces New Nylon Pet Product Line


Naperville, IL, October 9, 2002 - PolyBrite International (“PolyBrite”), a manufacturer of lighted safetywear and a variety of specialty LED lighting applications, today announced the addition of red nylon safety pet products to its existing product line. 


The PolyBrite nylon lighted product line contains a combination of PolyBrite’s patented polymer/LED technology along with reflective stitching. This arrangement improves safety by providing users with high-intensity illumination as well as reflective properties.  Using a standard lithium watch battery, PolyBrite™ nylon lighted safety products have the ability to provide safety illumination for up to 250 hours.  In addition to its red nylon line, PolyBrite anticipates the launch of green, blue, and yellow nylon product lines for the first half of 2003 while continuing to sell its original lighted collars and leashes with a yellow reflective outer strip.


PolyBrite International is located in Naperville, Illinois. The Company provides a highly visible lighting technology that is incorporated into a variety of innovative applications. PolyBrite’s safety products can be purchased through numerous distributors and retail stores worldwide. For the locations of these distributors and retail stores, or to learn about some of the latest applications of PolyBrite technology, visit PolyBrite International’s Website at or call (800) 320-3801.