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Illinois State Police Now Wearing PolyBrite International Illuminated Safety Vests


Naperville, IL, August 1, 2001 - PolyBrite International, a manufacturer of illuminated safetywear, announced today that Illinois State Police will use its illuminated safety vests.  The safety vests contain a combination of PolyBrite International’s patented polymer/LED technology called PolyBrite™ and high quality retro-reflective sheeting.  This arrangement improves safety by providing users with the best of both worlds—illumination and reflectivity. 


The retro-reflective properties in PolyBrite International’s vests allow the user to be seen in bright light situations, while PolyBrite™ technology provides up to one-mile visibility in low light and no light situations.  Running on 2 AA batteries, PolyBrite™ technology has the ability to provide safety illumination for up to 600 hours.


“With PolyBrite International’s illuminated safety vests, an officer does not need to be in harms way to be seen,” said Captain Kevin Shaughnessy of the Illinois State Police.  “With vests that just reflect, the headlights of a car have to be directly on an officer before they are seen.  PolyBrite International’s vests, with their illumination AND reflective properties, enhance the safety of our officers because they can be seen wherever they are—on the side of the road, at a crash site, or at a work zone.”


Along with illuminated vests, PolyBrite International offers an entire industrial line of illuminated safety products including belts, arm/ankle bands, markers, canine unit dog collars, and traffic safety batons.  OEM opportunities are also available.  The whole product line contains a combination of PolyBrite™ technology and retro-reflective sheeting.  With the help of either a 2032 watch battery or 2 AA batteries, it is possible to get up to 400 hours of battery life from these products. 


PolyBrite International is located in Naperville, Illinois.  The company strives to provide top quality, highly visible products that aid in saving lives.  PolyBrite International’s industrial safety products can be purchased from numerous distributors worldwide.  For the locations of these distributors, visit PolyBrite International’s Website at or call (800) 320-3801.