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PolyBrite International Receives GSA Contract


Naperville, IL--November 30, 2001--Chicago based firm PolyBrite International, a manufacturer of illuminated safety products, teaming with Aerosafe Products, Inc., an aviation chemical and equipment distributor in Marietta, Georgia, today announced an approval of a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract.


PolyBrite International offers a line of illuminated safety products including safety vests, belts, arm/ankle bands, markers, canine unit dog collars, and leashes and marshalling wands. With its newly acquired GSA contract, PolyBrite International will now be able to offer its safety products for various military activities. “Implementing PolyBrite International’s products for non-combat military base activities will achieve the additional safety recognition necessary for an individual in no-light or low-light situations. These conditions are always a concern when and where safety and visibility are an issue,” said Joe DeCarlo, Vice President of Military Sales.


With PolyBrite International’s illuminated safety products, an individual does not need to be in harms way to be seen.  The entire product line contains a combination of PolyBrite™ technology and retro-reflective sheeting.  The retro-reflective properties in PolyBrite International’s products allow the user to be seen in bright light situations, while PolyBrite™ technology provides up to one-mile visibility in low light and no light situations.  With the help of either a 2032 watch battery or 2 AA batteries, an excess of 450 hours of battery life is possible from these products while in the flashing mode. 


“Through my exposure to and experience with PolyBrite products, I have consistently received positive feedback.  It seems that applications of these COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) tools are only limited by the imagination of the users,” said Dick Healing, Director of Safety and Survivability for the Navy.


PolyBrite International is located in Naperville, Illinois.  The company provides top quality, highly visible products that aid in saving lives.  PolyBrite International is currently working to provide its technology for various combat and other lighting/signaling applications.  For GSA purchases, call David Yuhasz at Aerosafe Products at 1-888-666-7885.  For additional PolyBrite product information, visit PolyBrite International’s Website at or call Joe DeCarlo, Vice President of Military Sales at 1-800-320-3801.