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PolyBrite Products to Be Included In Submarine Crash Bag


Naperville, IL, April 22, 2003PolyBrite International, a manufacturer of illuminated safety products, announced today that their Light Batons and custom-made submarine escape valve (SCV) Light Collars are to be included in Crash Bags used by all US Navy submarine crew members (see photo).


PolyBrite International offers a line of illuminated consumer and military safety products including safety vests, belts, armbands, markers, canine unit dog collars and leashes, light batons, and various custom products. PolyBrite’s light batons will replace the “break and shake” chemical sticks currently used during disabled submarine emergencies. “The crack and shake chemical sticks we were using have many deficiencies that can impact the survivability chances for our submariners while trying to complete an emergency escape. The light batons have been designed with tolerances for temperature, pressure, impact and vibration far in excess of chemical sticks,” said Michael Holmes, Submarine Escape and Rescue Project Manager for the Naval Sea Systems Command.


The problems that military users have when using chemical sticks in safety situations is well documented. “We experience anywhere from a 33% – 50% breakage ratio before chemical sticks are even opened,” said Holmes. “Plus, chemical sticks are prone to activation from temperature fluctuations and impact.”


PolyBrite International is also finalizing design for a custom submarine escape valve (SCV) Light Collar to be included in all crash bags. This device illuminates the area where sailors plug in their hose to inflate their escape suits and will also be used to illuminate escape hatches. The Light Collar has a universal fit for all United States and NATO submarines using the Submarine Escape and Immersion Equipment (SEIE) Mark 10. 


As a result of the implementation of PolyBrite’s SCV Light Collar devices, the US Navy will be putting into effect more realistic escape training as they upgrade all submarines with the modern escape equipment.  “Our products have been included as a key aspect of the new escape training program to enhance sailor survivability,” said Bryan Snyder, Executive Vice President at PolyBrite International. “We expect this to be the first of many custom applications to address the safety of U.S. military personnel.”


PolyBrite International is located in Naperville, Illinois. The company provides a top quality, highly visible technology that is incorporated into a variety of innovative lighting applications. PolyBrite International’s safety products can be purchased through numerous distributors worldwide. For the locations of these distributors, or to learn about some of the latest applications of PolyBrite technology, visit PolyBrite International’s Website at or call (800) 320-3801.